Thursday, September 13, 2012

With in your own self defense you need to know how to disarm weapons

The world of self defense is violent by nature; no sport art here. If somebody is attacking you and you must protect yourself then it's certainly not some game. Your existence could certainly hang in the end result of precisely what you will perform to take out your attacker. To that end, many martial arts never train with weapons or weapons disarms. If you are really in one of these arts you may perhaps want to get some outside help to obtain the skills to defend yourself from basic weapons which can be used against you on the street. These fall into 3 types, generally they are: guns, edged weapons, and sticks (clubs or baseball bats). Here is the compressed list of strategy for each.

Guns: you close the gap between you and them so that the reaction time from attack to pull the trigger is really in your favor. You see, with respect to the adversary to pull the trigger he: first must recognize he or she is under attack. Second he or she needs to identify exactly where you are going (path). 3rd he must realize exactly where he is; that is, where the weapon is pointed plus his or her physical position. Next this individual must figure out exactly what course of action to put into action. At this moment is where he/she might decide they must rotate left, raise the weapon a lot higher, and fire. At last he/she has to execute the program. This all requires psychological time and by closing the distance you have actually reduced their successful response time down and also into your favor.

 Edged weapons and sticks ... you want to open the distance from your attacker. You want these people to make a long distance and committed attack towards you. This puts you in a favorable position as they need to move a long way to get you. You possess the time to observe the attack, decide what to do and execute the plan. You likewise drop their reaction time down as you close in to disarm or attack. Much like in the firearm scenario you have indeed shortened their perception along with reaction time.

Also paramount in self defence that you don't fool around. You need to disable your attacker so they can't return in order to harm you. What I mean here is you do not want them getting back up off the ground and being rather psychotic at you. You must ensure they don't want to continue the attack.

If you learn to disarm weapons you should also study the best ways to employ that weapon if required. You might learn how to shoot or at least how you may employ that gun to your benefit. There is actually a weapon called a defender (self defense weapon) which is a small plastic, unusually shaped, weapon which is actually utilized on pressure points. You can view this at PDWS. biz. You are able to utilize most everything you pick up like| a defender and that includes a firearm. A firearm can be employed on pressure points on the body as well as against boney locations of the body, just like a defender or even a Kubotan.

In conclusion, you are the weapon and anything that gets into your hands you need to know how to utilize it. Gun, edged weapons or clubs ... you need to know how to use them for your own protection or the protection of your loved ones. There are great videos to had on these subjects, all found on the web. So I encourage my fellow artists to broaden their skill sets in martial arts and turn them into self defense skill sets too!

Master Peter Brusso

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DNA and the self defense weapon

A little known reality. If you utilize a defender to defend (self protection weapon) yourself as well as you obtain your aggressor blood/tissue or the like, you have DNA on the defender. Place it a plastic bag and send it to me. Also I have a buddy can process the defender for DNA. Might be of great assistance later down the roadway and also I will replace your defender for FREE! In some situations this could possibly be very beneficial and also useful to nail the criminal so he/she won't do any longer damage to the basic people. This can be your greatest self protection!

Listen... if you successfully defend yourself and the criminal gets away, why not consider submitting the defender with his/her DNA on it. The police might be able to help get the attacker and even tough you were successful, others might not be so talented as you were in purchasing plus using a self defense weapon like the defender. It could be your best self defense tool ever!

Be safe and we need all the help on our side we can get. This world isn't getting better, that is for sure...

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insulin Used as Date Rape Drug

We need to really look at our self defense as now we have people using chemicals against us!  Besides having a self defense weapon or defender, you need to use your head too! Master Peter Brusso


Jan 20, Insulin Used as Date Rape Drug

self defense for women By Su Ericksen From A diabetic man uses his insulin to subdue date and rape her and leave her to suffer and possibly die. Fortunately her roommate finally finds her and gets her medical help before it was too late.

So now insulin is a Date Rape drug! I‘ll have to update this page now- how sad! How evil. Something new for us gals to watch out for. Put it on your radar.

To read this story click here, other window will open for you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Girl Saves Herself from Abductor

This is a wonderful story... we need to teach all of our kids this kind of capability... Self defense and capability do in fact cross over back and forth... Master Peter Brusso



Jan 24, Girl Saves Herself from Abductor

self defense for women By Su Ericksen Gotta love this story: CBS
This young lady was abducted- usually it ends badly here-but she marched right in the store ahead of the kidnapper and called 911. No self esteem problem here. Her folks must have ingrained her behavior early. Perhaps a lesson for all of us parents. I can hardly imagine her mom’s relief to see her again.

If you would like to learn more about preventing kidnapping click here.
Again, Kudos Ma’am!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15, Really Long Term Stalking

Women... sit up and pay attention here. Besides having and learning how to use a Defender or self defense weapon you also need to understand the threat. Here is a good article to help you understand who is coming to get you... Womens self defense isn't something you can purchase... you have to earn it...

Feb 15, Really Long Term Stalking:
self defense for women
By Su Ericksen
Here's a really frightening story. A stalking like no other. This guy is really obsessed. He has stalked her for 17 years- even while serving a prison sentence for stalking her! One has to wonder what's going on in that head! Nothing good, I imagine.

To read more about stalking click here

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arkansas arrests alleged 'Toe Suck Fairy'

You want to know why you should carry a self defense weapon and get some real  women's self defense training? Read the following article as it ... is creepy...

Arkansas arrests alleged 'Toe Suck Fairy': I'm just mad that I didn't come up with it first.

Master Peter Brusso

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things you should know about women's self defense

There are some key things to consider in taking a woman’s self defense class or even a self defense class for seniors. Here are some of those things…

Knowing the natural environment is the foremost and vital womens self-defense procedure. Therefore watch out for individuals who display excessive concern in you or about you. If you're by yourself and also you find somebody taking uncommon curiosity about you, be wary. One more indicator of danger is when you discover someone watching you for abnormally long periods of time. Passes made at you more than once, or the same car which you come across over and again, close to you are warning signs of the oncoming trouble.

Males historically target women due to recognized conduct. A womens self defense course is a necessary investment for your safety. One womens self-defense workshop will unlock what sort of similar characteristics that come into play prior to an attack and by knowing this, the attack can be prevented, especially by unexpectedly assertive behavior, (which is learned) to avoid becoming the victim of an attack. Unexpected things happen to individuals in every day life. That's why you should take that what you learned in womens self-defense classes, and be sure you apply the techniques when you are attacked. Even though it has not taken place to you however, you usually want to be ready just in case it does.

Many colleges are starting to be a lot more associated with their student’s basic safety by giving sexual assault awareness lessons, women’s self-defense classes, and all around information regarding college or university crime. This is the way in which it ought to be at all schools. For hundreds of years, males have considered women of all ages, an object of want. It's all right until the ideas remain confined deep-down in the brain, but can develop plenty of complications when place in to motion. It always transposes to stalking, sexual attack, as well as rape in some scenarios. For the man it's just a clear case of satisfying his perverted desire, however it turns into a life shattering occurrence for that woman which simply leaves a lasting scar for the remainder of her life. To prevail over and steer clear of this kind of situations, you must know some fundamental concepts and aspects of womens self defense, to be able to save your self ending up in such tricky situation.

Finally, I believe that self defense classes should also consider follow on self defense weapons classes, as well. Such would be with the self defense weapon known as the defenders. You can learn more about them at

Master Peter Brusso